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2011-09-04 02:47 am

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I am sooooo tired, but I'm kinda chill for now so there's an update.

--Went to the State Fair with my mom tonight. I always wonder if other states do it up like we do, but the MN State Fair is a big deal. Tonight we had Pronto Pups and cheese curds and funnel cake. We went to the big DNR pond and looked at fish. A man tried to sell us a hot tub. If money was different, he might have (there was a deal to replace our old dead one with a new one). We sat in the butterfly garden and my cleavage slowly filled with butterflies. We saw the DFL booth, and walked all over the place. It was lovely.

--Work starts again on Tuesday. I need the money so bad, and my schedule isn't that bad. Two hours Interpersonal Communications, one hours film, and then a Spanish/study hall/geometry series with the student I did some one on one with last year.

--Current SCHOOL classes are Transitions and something stupid. I'm learning a lot about how my high school failed me-- had they even bothered to try and measure whether their students were ready for the real world, they would have seen I was drowning.

--It's been two years since my father first decided he wanted a divorce from my mother. Only a couple of days before her birthday, actually. I never remember who knows what, so very simply:

My relationship with my father. )

--I'm not sure where this is going. I should sleep though. How things wander...
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2011-07-07 03:33 pm

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I need a huge, huge favor.

Since our "diversity project" requires 10 hours of interaction or observation, and we only just got approved, I have about five days to get this show on the road. I'm going to do a few different things this weekend, but I'd also like to get some interviews, and it suits me just fine to do them online.

So, dearest flist, if you are a part of the LGBT community (or aren't and would like to give me an earful about why) and don't mind talking to me over IMs about things like your experiences growing up, going to school, coming out or the lackthereof, anything, please please let me know. If you have any friends willing do to so, please let me know! I will use pseudonyms or whatever name you prefer.
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2009-08-03 08:58 pm

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This journal is friends only. Inquire within.
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2008-10-15 04:51 pm
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Picspam: Silent Hill


Routed from sleepwalking problems, Rose Da Silva decides to take her daughter Sharon to the town she talks about in her sleep, Silent Hill, to face her nightmares, where Sharon goes missing and Rose must fight the power of the town to get her back.

Mother is God in the eyes of a child. )

NOTE: Pictures contain some disturbing images. While some images are from the climactic scenes, I've done my best to pick only a few that should not entirely spoil the movie if you haven't seen it. Which you should! Screencaps are from
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2008-10-15 07:42 am
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I can't pretend that this Handbag Planet thing is not something I'm completely interested in. I love that stuff. So go there for a chance to win a purse or handbag!

I even see a cellphone cover.
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2007-11-11 07:08 pm



Please check in here if you cannot get into AIM chatrooms. This is like, the third day for me.
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2007-03-15 07:09 pm

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[ profile] hikaru: i wonder when we'll find out that john grissom is the miniature killer.
[ profile] bsafemydeers: Huh?
[ profile] hikaru: haahah WTF BRAIN
[ profile] hikaru: john mayer.
[ profile] hikaru: XD
[ profile] bsafemydeers: that was beautiful
[ profile] hikaru: you distracted me with grissom pics and i got all confused
[ profile] bsafemydeers: MAYER IS THE SON OF GRISSOM :O

The proof is in the picture. )

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2007-02-16 11:38 am

The theory so good it doesn't need evidence. Only 'shops.

While my traitorous family did watch last night's CSI without me, I have not been idle.

You see, I have a theory, a theory that could overthrow television AS WE KNOW IT.

For a few days this fall, I kept asking myself why any show would have John Mayer appear in a vaguely foreboding, short guest spot where all he does is sing. [ profile] bzzinglikeneon, you should turn back now.

And then I figured it out!


Proof. )

Great theory? Or GREATEST theory?